“Arcamone's style is unambiguous without being too artistically literal, nuanced but forthright. He uses color gently, artfully, and his subjects benefit from such a delicate touch. I am the owner of Arcamone's original water color, Un Balcone in Roma. It is a lovely representation, deftly crafted, true to its subject and true to Arcamone's unmistakable style.”

Signature: Mark S., Marlton, NJ


“I was thrilled to purchase a wonderful original work of art from Arcamone Giovanni called Un Giardino in Amalfi.  He masterfully captured so beautifully the spirit and heart of Amalfi.  As it hangs in my office, it brings back memories of my visit to the Amalfi coast several years ago.  A real treasure!!"

Signature: Terry D., West Chester, PA

"It (Un Balcone in Roma / Un Giardino In Amalfi) brings back a moment in time when I witnessed Italy's natural beauty.  You just know the Artist's passion and good eye for this country's simplistic beauty.....I always acknowledge these paintings whenever I enter the room "

Signature: Gina B., New Hope, PA

"Giovanni’s knowledge of both theatrical set painting effects and faux finishes has made him a valued scenic painter for our musical theater programs for more than ten years. From initial drawings to layering basic techniques to achieve a sophisticated realistic believable backdrop, Giovanni has created the illusion of life for scores of productions....

His passion for art shines through every minute he is at work.  He loves painting in any form, whether a full stage backdrop of a nighttime view of the rooftops of Paris, to a set piece perfectly mimicking an ancient stone wall. His enthusiasm is contagious: he has trained countless stage crew of all ages, in the art of scenic painting with his patience and spot on guidance."

Signature: Maria M. B., Havertown, PA

Giovanni's love of life and passion for "his" Italy are vividly portrayed in his artwork.  His realistic painting style and ability to capture the essence of the Italian countryside or his home town of "Sant'Agata", are enhanced by his gentle brush work and use of light that give his work emotion, clarity and brilliance.

Each time we look at the original painting we own, Due Porte in Chieti, we travel to this small town in Abruzzo. We can feel the warmth of the Italian sun and are taken to another time.

Signature: Linda C., New York City, NY

“Giovanni's passion and love for his family and culture translates beautifully onto his original pieces of art.  When I look at his paintings, I feel the warmth one feels when you're sitting at a Sunday family dinner.  It (Bellissima V. Sattui ) transports me to another world yet makes me feel at home at the same time.”

Signature: Anna S. C., Livermore, CA

“We love all three of our original works from Mr. Arcamone - two in our primary residence and one in our vacation home. Each of the three captures a vastly different landscape, yet all are equally vibrant in color and expert in composition. They truly transport us to a different place and time. “

Signature: Erica S., Philadelphia, PA

Giovanni's painting, Una Finestra su Praiano, evokes the rustic charm of our cherished Praiano, a small town on the Amalfi Coast. The window perfectly frames the sea view, while providing a sense of space and depth in this superb painting. The layered textural quality of the medium lends beautifully to this naturalistic scene. This centerpiece of our living room captures the spirit of this magical place.

Signature: Erin S., Medford, NJ