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Garden in Amalfi

Meet Giovanni

The scope of Giovanni Arcamone’s artistic repertoire includes multifaceted mediums with a particular warmth in his paintings. He includes oil on traditional canvas, watercolors and acrylic paint on textures such as slate and tile, using brush and palette knife. These various techniques bring about a body of work that allows the viewer to not only see, but feel the environment he is conveying to his audience.

The paintings he creates delivers a nostalgic correspondence of his life and memories that primarily involve the looking back to Italy. He also is able to convey from his present life direct observations that include his various travels in U.S. 

It is impossible to separate Giovanni’s joy of life, from his observations and deep personal connection in his works, either acrylic, watercolors, oils, using various methods of delivery: brush, knife, paper, canvas, stone, tile. He creates works of art that will always be timeless and truthful. He takes the hardest parts of painting, the use of great technique and the ability to pour one’s passion and emotions into a piece effortlessly. His works are both subtle and extremely captivating. He renders the ordinary things of life into beautiful moments in history. These are Giovanni’s paintings.

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